Charlie Bernard

November 2012 Update

Retired from the millwrights and now working with contractors as consultant. God willing I hope to be at 50 reunion in 2014.I hope to see all my classmates then.Itís a bitch living so far away.I have talked to Dwayne and Neal and have tried to reach others unsuccessfully.I apologize.I have fond memories of all of the 64 years and I am still A INDIAN AT HEART!!!


I remain Charlie Bernard no. 79 Loveland Indians class of 64!!!!!!!


p.s I like you guys pics from 45th reunion.Go Indians.....


February 2008 Update


I joined Marine Corps after going to CU and playing freshman football. They burnt the flag and my English grades were not too good, so I enlisted in the Marines.I got a letter in boot camp (San Diego) from head coach telling me that I had been reinstated to play the rest of my 4 year scholarship, but it was too late.I was headed to Vietnam.


I went to Vietnam in 65-66 and was wounded and got out.My family moved to Memphis while I was in Nam. I married a wonderful girl from Nashville and we have three sons. I am still working and not retired yet. I have had several business of my own and worked in law enforcement several years, also am a journeyman plumber, millwright, and ironworker.I have great interest in books and I still work out with weights and exercise on treadmill etc. God Bless Arlon, and Creassy and Conn. I am a veteran and was wounded several times and I know first hand what great heroes they all are. I hope to here from someone with the Chieftain and hope you will keep me in touch with whatís going on. I hope to be in Colorado next summer and I sure hope to visit with everyone. I remain Charlie Bernard #79 football Loveland high class of 64.  God Bless.


p.s. God Bless Jerry Starck he was a great guy and football player for Loveland Indians..