Ted Menard (January 2014)


Ted Menard spent 2 yrs in the Army after graduation.  Returned to Ft. Collins and spent the next 35 yrs in construction.   Moved to Grand Island, NE for the next 11 years kind of semi retired veggie state.   BORING!!   Moved to Maine to see the colors of New England.  That lasted for more than 4 1/2 seasons.  Beautiful colors!  A 4 hour drive to Boston was several great weekends.


During the time in Maine, I began an international financial consulting service for several European clients.  Euro money unstable, so I began studying to be a Private investigator for a couple of Attorney friends.  


I found a new world of adventure in insurance fraud investigations.  Certified Private Investigator and Fugitive Recovery Agent, (i.e. bounty hunter).  In 2011, I opened an agency in Denver.  Business doing well, and moved to Branson, MO to open a 2nd office.   Love the area.


Married a Ft. Collins girl and have 2 boys and 1 girl.  Oldest is married with 2 children and lives in Texas.  The middle one lives in Greeley with his wife and 2 children. Our daughter is married and lives in Plymouth, MI., no children.


We travel quite a bit and have seen all the lower 48 by car or motorcycle, with plans to tour several Euro countries by motorcycle in 2015.


Still have a great sense of humor and pretty much enjoy most every day.  Some suck, most don't, but I just keep smilin'