Name: Daryl Carlson  (2004)                                        


Personal narrative!

Life has been great.  Graduated from CSU in 1968 (December but who cares if I had to go an extra quarter.  Carla and I have been married happily for 31 years. We have two wonderful children - Brittany & Todd.  Brittany graduated from Washington State University in 2001 and is working for Aurora Public Schools as an elementary school teacher.  Todd is a junior at CU in Boulder.  Carla is an assistant principal for Montbello High School.  I have been a general contractor in Denver since 1976.  Our family was able to experience some wonderful vacations and truly enjoy traveling together.  The future is unknown but I know it will be fun and exciting.


A Loveland memory from 1950/60 era!
Some of my fondest memories include the fearsome foursome of Ray Starck, Rick Johnson, Dan Stroh, and me.  We learned about life real quick.