Name: Marcelyn (Todd)                                Maiden: Heinze


(December 2009)

Personal memories:

Life has had its ups and downs for the past 40+ years. BUT, the ups have been so high, that there's no comparison between the two. I have been married twice but am now currently divorced. The last gentleman took me to places I never imagined going. We lived in Turkey for three years and saw great places in Greece, took a train from Istanbul to Munich, Cappadocia - the list was long. My two kids were there with us, so the experience for them was wonderful. We then lived in Indonesia twice for a total of six years. I was able to play tennis, swim, and shop on a daily basis. The tennis game was outstanding, had a bronze tan, and never tired of shopping. I was able to travel to Singapore a few times, Germany three times, New Zealand twice, Australia, toured Europe twice, and once again, the list goes on and on. Well, Cinderella lost her slipper, and the man I loved found a youngun'. I have now been working in schools as a registrar, Starbucks as a shift supervisor, have taken early retirement, and now I am living with my precious granddaughters and loving Phoenix!!! We never know what direction life will take us, but loving the Lord means it will take me always onward and upward.

Loveland memories:

My memories of Loveland are all pretty good. Of course, there was Bill Bossert. There was my stint at Santeramo's for how many years???????? I was reunited with Joanie Jonach (Caudill) a few years back, and we have had so many fun times together. We laugh at all the stunts we pulled back in the day! It has been like we were never apart for the past 30 years. I look forward to the big 50 that will be coming up in 2014. That should be a hoot!!!!


(February 2009)

Personal narrative!

I'm currently divorced, work as a Registrar in an elementary school in Ft. Lupton, live in Northglenn again but am planning to move to Phoenix this summer to be near my two beautiful granddaughters, Hayli who is soon to be 13 and Carli who just turned 4.


Life has been interesting for me, but I have a great relationship with the Lord who keeps me centered and focused. I look forward to seeing everyone this summer.


A Loveland memory from 1950/60 era!

I have numerous memories from the "good old days". My favorite thing that happened recently was to find Joanie Jonach after 40+ years.  Our friendship resumed like not a day had passed, so I feel blessed to relive "old times" with her often.