Name: Jeannie May  (2004)                                           Maiden: Carlson


Personal narrative!

After graduating from LHS, I attended Colorado State College and graduated in l968 with a degree in Elementary Education.  I then married my high school sweetheart, John May, on July 14th, l968.  We just celebrated our 36th anniversary. We lived in San Diego, Ft. Collins, and Denver before moving to Greeley in 1978.  We are proud parents of our two sons, Jayson and Eric.  Jayson is living in Austin, TX while Eric and his wife, Margaret, live in Castle Rock.  As of now, we do not have any grand babies, but we do have a "grand dog" named Tela!  I have been teaching kindergarten for many years and still enjoy those little folks.  John is a financial consultant with A.G. Edwards and Sons.  We enjoy spending time with our family, traveling and sports.


A Loveland memory from 1950/60 era!
I loved that "hometown feeling" in the 50/60 era when the town and student body would support Rag Day, sporting events, plays, the various music concerts, etc.  Nice feeling!  Rag Day was a unique time - it is one of those things you can tell people about, but you would have had to have been there to really know what it was like.  We have always cherished our memories of LHS and Loveland and have always been proud of where we "came from."