Name: John Hotaling

Date: March 09, 2008


I spent time in the Air Force 64 to 68 (Sacramento and SEA),
CSU 68 to 72 and working (72 to 98) in Colorado (Denver, Fort Collins, Denver, Hayden), Texas (Beaumont, Clear Lake City), New York (West Hempstead and Rochester), Ohio (Cincinnati), Wyoming (Evanston).


Married Cindy from Englewood in 1987 and we moved to Saudi Arabia in 1998 (the $ were just too good). We have traveled and bitched about the Arabs and traveled and generally enjoyed ourselves for 10 years. We give Saudi the final maasalama on November 30th this year. We plan to return to our townhouse in Lakewood (303-989-2770) where we plan to work a year or 2 then pick a spot to squat permanently.  Maybe we will make the 50th!


Loveland memories:

Arrived in 1962 left for good in 1974, since I was a country boy that's all there is folks.