Judy Bridgeman Oscarson  (January 2014)

This is Judith K.( Bridgeman) Oscarson.  I have been married for almost 49 years and have an almost 42 year old son, Glenn.  We are on our 4th house in Lake St. Louis.  We have lived in Lake St. Louis for about 28 years with two fifth wheel trailers,  two pontoon boats, six cars and one golf cart    We travel to Ft. Myers, Fla. every winter (in which we are now) and then back home in the summer.   We also have a grand dog named Sheba.


Judy Bridgeman Oscarson  (October 2009)

Personal memories

I have been married to Dave Oscarson for almost 45 years. We have I son, age 37, and two grand dogs. This is the fourth house for us in Lake St. Louis. We also live near the lake and have a 24' Pontoon and a 37' 5th Wheel trailer at the Mississippi River. We spend the winter in Ft. Meyers, Fla. and we have a 35' 5th Wheel on a lot that stays there all year. My husband has been retired for almost 3 years from 3 car dealerships as the comptroller.

Loveland memories

I loved the rag day skits. The homecoming bonfires, in which that night I had my first blind date with, as it turned out, my husband Dave.