Kent Sullivan  (2009)

Personal memories:

I worked at Hewlett Packard for 33 years. I did everything from electroplating to production line supervisor to projects manager.  I am married, (Pam) have two children and four grandchildren.  All of them live in the Denver area.  My hobbies/ interest are street rods, and camping.  I am a member of the Road Knights car club. (Gear head forever) Beezer and I are still best of friends. I still see many other old class friends such as Larry Chrisman, Kenny Bacon, Paul Guererro.

Loveland memories:

I remember most when I moved to Loveland (1958) there were three stop lights. Today there must be a hundred. One of the first persons I met was Bob Nelson. His father and my mother were involved in a fender bender. Bob's dad was an auto body man. One real favorite memory was when a bunch of us would be riding around with Paul Guerrero.  No matter where we were going to go, we had to go through town first.