Name: Merrial (Mick) Highbarger                                   

Personal narrative!

I've been married to Debbie for last 35 years.  We have three kids, 2 grandkids and the third arrives next March.  Our youngest kid will finish at CU Business in the spring.  Then maybe we can begin to think retirement. As of now, primarily I spend my time at work.  I own Venture Mfg. (a machine shop). Who would have guessed that a high school class clear back then would still be useful now?  Down time I spend camping and water skiing with the entire family.  Life has been good!


A Loveland memory from 1950/60 era!
I'm too old to remember much but the music was good and the cars were fast.  Roller skating in Greeley with friends from the class was fun.  Seems to me there was Wigwam and T-pee dances along the way.  I remember duck waddles after I set off a blank 22 shell in study hall.  I'm grateful for the friends at LHS that got me thru that time and for all of you now.