Name:  Nancy Johnson                                                            Maiden: Sides


Update: June 2009

Rick and I have had an exciting year so far. In March we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary with our family and then took a trip to Paris, France. While there, we had a Renewal of Vows Ceremony at the American Church of Paris. We also traveled to Normandy and Versailles. It was a wonderful time!


Personal narrative!  (2007)

I grew up in Loveland. Went to Lincoln, Truscott and Loveland High School. I have had an interesting life being married to a native farmer Rick Johnson. I became a mother of two children and very active in their education as well as extracurricular activities. Aaron was very active in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts with Rick as one of his leaders. He was also very active in 4 H. Janelle was busy in Girl Scouts and 4 H. I was a Den Mother and Girl Scout leader. After serving on various committees and as PTO president I decided to go into real estate. Aaron our son has chosen to be a farmer and computer whiz and is now attaining a degree as a machinist. He is married and he and his wife have 2 dogs and a cat. Rachelle is finishing her BA degree this year. Janelle has a degree in business marketing and works for a medical company in Louisville. Justen her husband is a teacher in Bloomfield and part time coach. She and her husband have twin sons who are in kindergarten this year. They have a cat and new Beagle puppy named "Roxy".


A Loveland memory from 1950/60 era!


I remember Loveland being a "safe" place to grow up in. We kids could play outside daytime or evening and our parents didn't have to worry. Remember the games we used to play?? Anny Anny Ox in Free!! And Tag!! Red Rover Red Rover!! I remember roller skating on the sidewalks and sledding down the icy streets in Winter!! Remember "Snow Day!! I remember having skits in 6 th grade at Lincoln. Especially "Lolly Pop"!! I wasn't in that one but it was the BEST!! Remember Mr. Peterson in junior high?? He scared me and later I decided he was the best teacher I'd had. Mr. Speece got my attention in high school!! I guess a little respect goes a long way. Moving on into the "Glory Days" of high school!! It was the best of times and the worst of times!! Naturally I remember the good stuff. Like Pep club!! I was so proud to wear that uniform!! And Drill Squad!! WOW!! And a heart shaped box of chocolates from my boy friend on Valentine's day. I wanted those chocolates to last forever!! Then there was Drama club!! And I was the leading lady in a melodrama!! Our group had so much fun!! And Vaudeville!! Practicing for weeks!! And try outs!! And the wonderful floats for the parade!! We really worked hard on them!! Then there was the snake dance!! I recall it was always before homecoming. Remember?? We would all hold hands and make a long snake and run from the high school down town!! And burn a big bonfire and an effigy on the field so we would win the game!! Goooooooo Indians!!! A woony woony ty a woony!! A woony woony ty a woony Ty yi ya yippie ty ya amos awoo awoony Big Chief!! March onward mighty Indians Stalwart and true! ... Loveland must win this game So FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! Gooooooooooooo Indians!!! Well, here we are over 40 years later!! My how time flies when you are having fun. I look at this time of life as our third trimester. Some of us lucky ones will live to see all of it and be 90 years old. Imagine!! I will add to this as I remember something I want to share.