Name: Patricia Stirling                                                      Maiden: Menard


Personal narrative!

We live in Highlands Ranch, CO.  Russell is still working for the Gates Corporation (former Gates Rubber Company).  He has worked approximately 38 years but is not ready to retire.  I am still working for Denver Public Schools at South High.  I enjoy my work tremendously as I help students get ready for the real world of work.  Our son's are finally both doing well.  Jon works for Peoplesoft which used to be JD Edwards.  He is a senior software analyst.  He and his girlfriend met at work and now have bought a lovely home very near to us. It is fun to be in close proximity to them.  Chris is living in the great city of San Francisco.  He works for an advertising agency in San Rafael.  Chris drives across the Golden Gate Bridge each day to work.  What neat scenery as you drive to work each day?????  He was out of work for almost 2 years with the lay-offs in San Francisco in summer of 01 and then 9/11 tragedy.  He landed on his feet and has a good job now.  We are proud of both of our sons and now a new daughter who is doing well.  Tammy has a Masters degree in mathematics and is now working for Raytheon.  She is an internet programmer.

I still enjoy floral designing and a variety of arts and crafts.  I dabble when I have the time.  It's hard to believe that I have worked in the education field at Denver Public Schools almost 20 years.  I wish I had had some incite on the importance of continuing my education after high school.  Today it is so important. 

Hope to see you all at reunion time.


A Loveland memory from 1950/60 era!

Some things that stick out in my mind are:  our uniforms that we had in PE class.  I hated them. 
Ms. E, the choir teacher, being such a neat teacher.  She was one of my favorites. I don't know if she knew I couldn't read the music - I just sang.  Taking Home Ec class, we had to re-upholster a piece of furniture, my parents had old chair that I used.  My Dad helped me pick the fabric, take the chair apart and put it back together.  It was a great experience doing that with him.  I still have the chair and it is in the same fabric that we picked.  My junior year, in Civics class, we heard the news of Kennedy being shot and then he had died.  Some of the teachers had radios in their rooms and we all listened so intently.  I will never forget the silence and the sadness in the whole school.