Name: Rich Bruns                                                           


Personal narrative!

Linda and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary on August 5 and share 33 years together. We've always been crazy about each other, and knew right away that were doomed to a zany life together. We've worked hard on the stuff we liked, have never been politically correct nor financially secure. High tech has been a wild ride for both of us, and Linda has also been a great mother and wife.

We're very proud of our son, Loren, who is an honors physics major at Reed College, famous for its undergraduate physics program. I work at Intel with software companies developing consumer software for PCs in the "Digital Home." Within five years, mainstream consumers will be able to control playback of movies, audio and product information (replacing ads) anywhere in the home. They'll select content from PC hard drives, Internet, cable boxes or satellite using a "remote control" to display choices on a high-definition TV. We're pushing the technology and industry standards to make it happen.

Looking forward to seeing you all again! ~ "Raspy" Rich Bruns


A Loveland memory from 1950/60 era!
Otto Fick, our school bus driver, stopped at the railroad track near Garfield School and opened the door to check for trains. There was a sugar beet train about 200 feet away moving toward our bus at 5 miles per hour. Rich Cherry yelled "Yeah, the train!" amid the rowdy school bus chaos, so Otto closed the door and drives our bus onto the tracks. The train hit the front wheels, which were between the steel tracks, bumping violently along the wood ties and dragging us about 100 feet. No serious injuries and Otto's skillful explanation kept his job for even more school bus excitement on our route.

Walt Graese and Caroline Kezer invited us all to her birthday party at her house after the Friday football game. Everyone showed up, except for Walt and Caroline, who had fallen asleep parking north of town listening to the radio. "Wake Up Little Suzie" by the Everly Brothers woke them up at 2AM. Scandalous!