Sharon King Bronaugh  ( July 2010)


I am in Dallas.  Address is 7911 Xavier Ct, Dallas, TX  75218  214-321-1156 home, 214-883-0072 cell. 214-855-0550 office


I did see Glenna Bliss last August.  Caught up on everyone in the class.  Even though I did not officially graduate with the class (after moving to Denver my senior year-YUK), I always have felt part of the “Class of 64” LHS.


My husband Tom died in 1997 of Leukemia.  I have been in Dallas since then (for the most part).  I have a “significant other” named Charlie Taylor (webmaster of the Woodrow Wilson class of 67 – Dallas).


I am on Facebook if anyone wants the pic’s and story.




Sharon King Bronaugh



Sharon Bronaugh

Assistant Controller

Clearview Investmenmts, Ltd

2311 Cedar Springs Rd., suite 100

Dallas, TX 75201

214-855-0550 X 204

214-883-0072 cell