Name:  Tom Deuth  (August - 2009)                         


Personal memories:
After partying myself out of CSU in 2 years, the US Army came calling, trained me as a medic and sent me to Vietnam for 2 plus years.  I only endured minor injuries until a couple years ago when I contracted prostate cancer due to "prolonged exposure to Agent Orange."  Fortunately they apparently caught it in time and the VA and my doctor believe everything is AOK. Returning to the "world" after Nam, I obtained a couple degrees in history in college in Kansas where my parents had moved and parlayed them into a "high-paying" job as a middle school teacher in Salina, Kansas.  After 5 years of that, I determined that I should seek employment in a job that offered the best remuneration requiring the least amount of work necessary so I became an account manager for Deluxe Corporation covering most of the State of Kansas for the past 30 years retiring 2 years ago.  Along the way I met a wonderful woman (Judy) from a small town in Kansas to whom I have now been married over 34 years. We raised two beautiful daughters who, learning from their father's educational foibles, both graduated high school as valedictorians of their classes, student body presidents, and accomplished musicians and athletes.  Much to their father's delight, they received full-ride academic scholarships to the University of Kansas where they obtained chemical engineering degrees (yes, we are dedicated Jayhawk fans!!!).  Kelli (now 30 years old) is a senior consultant with an environmental permitting company in Kansas City and Marci (26 years old) just made her 3rd move in 4 years for ExxonMobil and is now in Washington DC working as sales development specialist for the Americas.  Neither are married so if any of you have any cute, intelligent sons, please send their names on to me and I will try to arrange the introductions!?  Judy and I moved to Kansas City with my retirement and spend our days puttering around the house, doing some traveling, playing golf, gathering with neighbors and friends, and drinking probably too much. But it is a great life. I still regularly stay in touch with Jim Stansberry and Greg White from Loveland (class of 65).  High school was a bittersweet experience for me as it probably was for many but Loveland was a great place to be from and gave me a solid background I didn't always take advantage of.  My most enjoyable times were in band (thank you Gwen Lapp for the years of accompanying me in solo contests, Marji Speece, Cindy Ferguson, et al) although I kind of screwed up the end piece. If any of you ever get to the Kansas City area, I would love to see you. Please call as we have a fairly big house and lots of room for you to stay if needed. I promise, God-willing, I will be at the 50th reunion.

Loveland memories:

When I taught school I always warned my charges on the first day of orientation that any thoughts they might be entertaining of pulling shenanigans wouldn't even
come close to what their teacher had already done so they shouldn't even try. Some examples and memories:

Pouring chemicals out the window of the chemistry lab to burn LHS on the lawn below.  Poor Devorah Stroh's dress was burned off in Latin class below when the chemicals hit the ledge and ricocheted into the room.

 TPing the school from the roof from the study hall conference room (where the janitors stored toilet paper) which had easy access. (Johnny Carlson--did you help me with this??)

Trying to walk out of Bruha's American Problems class as the Red Chinese delegation and being put in the corner instead where I penned a note saying: "Help! I'm being held prisoner in E26"....then seeing Ray Patterson reading the note thru the window. First and only time I ever saw him smile!?!?!

Riding in Johnny Carlson's 48 Chrysler hearse in Ft Collins and challenging the Sting Rays to a drag.

Discovering the only uncovered fire alarm in a small closet in the metal shop and consistently setting the alarm off with hot wet paper towels. (It took them 3 weeks to find that one.)