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45th Class Reunion - July 24th & 25th, 2009

What a great weekend!
Thanks to everyone who came!
(A special thanks to Tom Bittner for his update letter, which is now posted on the Chieftain Update page!)

95 people attended! (58 Alumni & 37 Spouses/Guests)

Unfortunately, the following alumni had to cancel their RSVP at the last minute due to illness!  You were missed and were in our prayers!

  • Donn Wilson
  • Dave Leonhardt

In addition, the following paid alumni were no-shows.  (Hopefully just an old age/memory problem!)  Many verbal regrets were heard, as people noticed the unclaimed name tags, each wishing one or more of the following were in attendance! 

  • John Deets
  • Bruce Mowrey
  • Rex Mowrey
  • Bob Recker

Pictures from the Class Mixer and the BBQ picnic are slowly coming in.  It will probably be mid September before we are able to get an ample supply of pictures to published on this page.  However, the Chieftain Update page has been updated with current photos of those alumni who attended the reunion and who had previously submitted an update.

If you want to e-mail a few photos that you took during the reunion, please click here.

Reunion Committee

To control cost, we did not produce a reunion booklet this year.  Therefore, we suggest you visit the Chieftain Updates page and submit your personal update.  This is the way to update old friends regarding your activities the last few years.  (Don't forget to send a picture as well!)

The following alumni and spouses attended.

Alumni Name Spouse / Guest Name
Anderson, Ron 
Bacon, Ken Mickie
Baker-Smith, Susan Chuck
Ballard, Dwayne Georgia
Batty, Selby Linda
Bell Carlson, Sandy Randy
Benson Kitchen, Joyce Ed
Bliss Cook, Glenna David
Bothun, Dave Carol
Bray Ricca, Ronalee Tom
Bruns, Rich  
Bucker, Neal  
Carlson, Daryl Carla
Carlson May, Jeannie John
Carlson, Jonathan Linda
Chrisman, Larry  
Cruise, Delbert (Beezer) Wanda
Dallemand, Barbara Lee Stierwalt
Duffey, Terry Sandy
Dunn Neill, Cecelia  
Elijah, Vern Gloria
Fentiman, Gary  
Ferguson Starck, Cindy  
Floyd, David  
Fogarty, Jim  
Fogleman McDonnall, Rhonda Bob
Foster Speka, Pam Johnny Ramirez
Glahn, Dwight  
Graese, WallyKarla
Gray Davis, Gail 
Guerrero, PaulKaye
Hotaling, JohnCindy
Hurley Rutledge, SheilaDoug
Jurgemeyer, Marne 
Kauffman Fentiman, Karen 
Lapp, GwenRoger
Lindlief Vahrenkamp, Linda Rich
Logue, PaulTonya
Maisch Jacobs, Judy 
Malchow Sass, PeggyTom
McCrady, Ken Jena
Moon Pitner, Sue 
Mowrey, Bruce 
Neill, Terry 
Nelson, Bob 
Pheiff, Wilber 
Powell, Doug 
Ritter, Bill 
Ruesch, Bill Carol
Salas, Sergio (Albert)  
Schmer Graham, Nancy Bruce Helzer
Scofield, Tom Annie
Shaffer Nelson, Diane 
Smith, Ron  
Smith Trippel, Jennifer (Jenny) Bill
Sullivan, Kent Pam
Swanson, Marleen 
Swartz Walker, Evelyn Dan
Thompson, Bob Karen
Tretheway, Robert Marilyn
Ulfers, Chuck Chris
Velasquez, TimShirley


The following alumni sent their regrets and were not able to attend!

Alumni Name
Andersen, Jim
Armfield, Charles
Barron, Mike
Beltz Dietz, Sharen
Bernard, Charlie
Bland, Ron
Bossert Little, Dana
Bromley, Wayne
Burden Gray, Marjie
Burkard Engel, Helen
Chavez Wallechinsky, Flora
Cumpston Durham, Annette
Deuth,. Tom
Devlin Turner, Pat
Eames Barron, Linda
Fogland, Chuck
Frank Coe, Carol
Fraser, Bill
Hale Hendrix, Marsha
Herald Herron, Sharon
Highbarger, Mick
Hoffman Venable, Susan
Hoover, Denise
Johnson, Jerry
Johnson, Rick
Jonach Caudill, Joan
Jones, David
Kirkpatrick Hardin, Sherry
Kretzer, Cary
Manning Campin, Linda
Manning, Jim
Massey, Keith
Meeker, Nancy Rose
Melick Ermentrant, Denise
Moritz, Larry
Lehl Frank, Leorra
Loomis Melton, Terre
Pedan, Jerry
Prull, Dale
Quick, Nancy
Retzlaff Seiler, Rose Anne
Schott Depperschmidt, Dorothy
Scoles Rice, Sandy
Shockman Rogers, Mary
Sides Johnson, Nancy
Singleton Woodward, Linda
Smith, Steve
Speece Nash, Marji
Stevenson, Dick
Stone, Mary Ann
Taylor, Jerry
Vincent, Barbara
Vineyard Greenwell, Sandy
Wannamaker, Dick
Winkley, Rita
Wright Barnard, Joan