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60th Reunion - September 21st, 2024

  Invitation Details                    Reunion Committee             Reunion Song
The following photo pages will be added after the reunion

Attendee Photos                      Reunion Photos               More Saturday Photos           
This should be a fantastic reunion! 

Check out the following RSVP and regrets lists!
(The RSVP's and regrets were last updated on June 13th, 2024)

 34 People Attending
(24 Alumni and 10 Guests)



Alumni Name

Spouse/Guest Name

Booklet Info Avail

  Alumni Name Booklet Info Avail
Ballard, Dwayne Georgia Schadegg (Class of '65)     Dreis, Tim  
Batty, Selby Linda     Mock, Ron  
Bothun, Dave          
Burge, Richard          
Cooper, David          
Chrisman, Larry          
Dallemand, Barbara          
Dunn Neill, Cecelia          
Fentiman, Gary          
Fogleman McDonnell, Rhonda Bob        
Foster Speka, Pam   Yes - click here!      
Graese, Wally Karla Yes - click here!      
Hotaling, John Cindy        
Hurley Rutledge, Sheila

Doug (Class of '62)

Kauffman Fentiman, Karen          
Kirkpatrick, Sherry          
McBlair Clausen, Sylvia          
Malchow Sass, Peggy Tom        
Minnick Jefferson, Susan Frank        
Mowrey, Bruce          
Neill, Terry          
Shaffer Nelson, Diane          
Speece Nash, Marji Doug        
Swartz Walker, Evelyn Dan