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Remember the following 64 students and 12 faculty members in your prayers!

 (Click deceased name for photo, obituary and other information we've received.)

This page was last updated on April 24th, 2024
If you haven't viewed this page since then, please do so,
and pray for the souls that have been added!

Deceased 1960's (Before Graduation)
Shirley Denny (1/10/61) Dale Overturf (12/1/62) Sue Allen (2/13/63)
Deceased - Vietnam War
Don Conn (6/9/66)

Click to view Vietnam Memorial Wall information.

Click to view a report by Don Conn's commanding officer on Don's tragic death.  It has a picture of Don taken a few days before his death.


Arlon Schaeffer (9/24/68) Dennis (Rake) Cressey (5/12/72) Vietnam Mermation.
Click to view essay describing one of Dennis's missions five weeks prior to being shot down!

Click to view photo.
Dennis is kneeling, first row, far right.
The person on the ladder is Sam Adair.  He was shot down with Dennis. They are buried together in a common grave at Arlington National Cemetery.
Deceased - 1970's
Dean Salmans
(Accident - 1977)
Jean Specketer
(Surgery - 1979)
Deceased - 1980's
John Chick (1981) Marlin Bitterman (11/7/81) Pat Grieser (Cancer - 1984)
Jerry Starck (4/3/89)
Deceased - 1990's
Suzanne Fiechter Jones
(Bike Accident 1991)
Harold Ferguson-Principal (Cancer 1993)
Harry Pointer (Cancer 1/20/95) Gloria Santillanes Dunker (6/13/96) H. N. Nick Wilson - English(4/15/99)
Deceased - 2000's
Dave Pedersen
Sandy Meyer Blewitt (2001)
Walt Speece - Math (4/15/02) Larry Klein (2002)
Laurene Edmondson - Music (11/22/03) Cathy Becker McDonald(12/21/03) Doug (Eagle) Cressey(1/27/04)
Margaret Stepp -
English & French (1/11/05)
Vi Wickam -Industrial Arts (1/23/05) Heleen Van Der Veen Klinkspoor
Kenneth Knievel - Math (8/25/05) Jean H. Goudy
English & Journalism (9/22/06)
Terry (Turkey) Wells (Cancer @2006) Sandy Leraas Clement (3/29/2007)
Ken Hardin - Cancer (3/17/07) Dale Osborn
- Speech & Forensics (6/3/07)
Nancy Foster Kaman
James Timothy Chambers
Dave Leonhardt - Cancer
Wayne (Bone) Bromley
Deceased - 2010's
Dale Prull
Michael Barron

Susan Anthony Parsons


Mary Worden Chrisman

Marjorie Franken

Fritz Graese

Carol Frank Coe

Jim (Abe) Anderson

(obit pending)
Nancy-Quick Brewer
Don Pfutzenreuter(Coach, Bookkeeping & Law)
Suzanne (Suzie) Owens
Margaret Ann Christensen
Jack Cheyne
(History & Coach)
Sharon Harold Herron
Evelyn Furr Cavan

Cary Kretzer (Sept/2014)

Barbara Vincent

Jerry (Toad) Taylor

Velda Ivers Bergman

Ken (Rabbit) McCrady
Neal (Wiley)Buckner
Joyce Allen (5/9/2016)

Jon Carlson

Don Dickinson
Ron (Sherman Tank) Bland
Lavern Albert Harms Tjaden
Deceased - 2020's

Bob Nelson

Phyllis Ellis Schiller

Steve Smith

Doug Powell

Tim Velasquez

Nancy Schmer Graham

Bob Trethewey
Glen Allen Yarberry
Rex Mowrey
Dixie Barber

Deceased - Unknown Date

David Fox

Gordon Rose Dan Belock




If you know any classmate or faculty who have died, that are not remembered on this page, or have additional information
about someone listed above, (i.e. an obituary) please click here and let us know!