Loveland High School - Class of '64
Loveland, Colorado


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(Last updated Oct 14th, 2020)

Links About the Past!

We often receive links to other web sites.
Here are a few, within different categories.

Nostalgic Sites

50's Jukebox

Elvis Jukebox

Fender Skirts

Phrase History

How old is Grandpa!

How's this for nostalgia!

Then and Now (You thought you have changed!)

Comical Sites

Old folks (I see a few alumni in this show!)

Revision of 60's song titles

"Food For Thought" - Our Own Collection

Informational Sites

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
(The Virtual Wall - Links to memorial pages.)
Note: Don Conn and Arlon Schaeffer are listed under Loveland, Colorado.  Dennis Cressey is listed under Cheyenne, Wyoming.