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If you have something you would like to share with the rest of the class, click here.  We will reply on where to send the material.  Your items will be scanned and placed on the web site. The originals will be returned to you.

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Sounds of LHS
If you were in band, choir or acting - check this out!
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Nickname Pop Quiz
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Redskin Reporter Articles - 1964
Four year high school class chronicle
Senior class prophecy
Poll Reveals LHS Personalities!
Did you know?
Barbara Dallemand was the first place winner as Becky Thatcher in 1952.
Kathy Kisinger was the head flower in her third grade play in Garnett, Kansas.
Sheila Hurley was selected "the baby with the most sex appeal" in the Jasper County Baby Personality contest.
Rita Winkley won the Larimer County spelling contest in 1958.
Karen and Robin Earle were the bunnies who delivered Easter flowers for their father.
Mrs. Goudy played second base on the state softball championship team when she was in high school.
Mr. Ferguson and Mrs. Reagan were brother and sister.
Mr. Bittner was president of his high school senior class.
Mrs. Branden was a cheerleader at West Texas State University.
That five teachers can fit into the trunk of Chevy Bel Air!
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Top 10 and class officers
Notice the top 10 students are climbing the ladder of success; while the Senior Class officers are climbing nowhere!

A Full House (Junior Class play)

Brigadoon (Senior Class play)

Future Homemakers of America (1960-61)
(Thanks to Sherry Kirkpatrick Hardin for submitting this photo!)

Latin Club
How many '64 alumni do you recognize?

Powder Puff Football
Photo #1 (Check out Coach DeFries)
Photo #2

Rag Day
 1964 press coverage & Rag Day history

Photo gallery

Miss Loveland Valentine & her court
Who's the cute kid?

Dog track grooms
Three of these grooms belong to the  class of '64!  Can you find Tom Deuth, Walt Graese and Fritz Graese?

DAV Honors
Nice picture - but we don't know why it was taken!  Any idea?

Dwight Keller' shiny new car

Santeremo's Menu
How much was a 12" pizza in 1963?

Best Dressed Junior Boy

Junior Achievement Awards