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This page was last updated on January 12th, 2012

(If you want to e-mail us photos you took during the reunion, please click here.)

2012 Holiday Luncheon Photos
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John Deets; Dwight Glahn; Larry Chrisman; and Doug Powell

Tim Velasquez; Lee Kline; Terry Neill; and Cecelia Dunn Neill

Pam Foster Speka and Karen Kauffman Fentiman

Larry Christman; Ron Bland & Bill Ritter

Dennis Steiner; Margi Speece Nash; Ken McCrady and Judy Maisch Jacobs

Dwight Glahn and Paul Logue

Susan Hoffman Venerable and husband Stan

Tom Scoffield and Gloria Fabrizius Sheppard

Dough Nash (Marji Speece's husband); Tom Sass; Peggy Malchow Sass; and Paul Holdeman

Barbara Dallemand and Jim Forgarty

Chuck Ulfers and Rhonda Fogleman McDonnell

Pat Menard Stirling; Cindy Ferguson Starck; Cecelia Dunn Neill; and Teresa Bland

Lee Kline and Dave Bothun

Cindy Ferguson Starck and Teresa Bland

John Deets; Dwight Glahn; and Larry Chrisman

You pick them out!

You pick them out!

You pick them out!

You pick them out!