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Loveland, Colorado


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December 2009: End-of-Year Reunion Lunch
(Click photo to enlarge)

Karen (kauffman) Fentiman; George Walby; Marjie (Speece) Nash; Paul Logue; Bill Ritter; and Tim Valasquez

Tim Velasquez; Paul Logue's granddaughter; Dave Bothun; Doug Powell and Margi (Speece) Nash

Jim Fogarty; Dwight Glahn and Sue (Moon) Pitner

Tom Scoffield and Kent Sullivan

Bill Ritter and Lee Kline

Karen(Kauffman) Fentiman and Neal Buckner

Karen (Kauffman) Fentiman and Gary Fentiman

Larry Christman

George Walby and Judy (Maisch) Jacobs

Jim Fogarty

"64" bottle top earring - provided by Neal Buckner

Vern Elijah and his son

Doug Powell; Bob Recker and Dave Bothun

Sue (Moon) Pitner; Judy (Maisch) Jacobs; and Kent Sullivan

In addition, classmates attending, who were not blessed with a photo, include:
Wally Graese (Fort Collins)